Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Resume Writing Guidelines for Accounting Resume

Accounting function relates to the adherence to a systematic and scientific approach to record keeping. Thus, it facilitates record keeping function of an enterprise and helps to analyze the organizational effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out various operational functions. Hence, while writing an accounting resume, you should justify your sound accounting knowledge of various principles and practices.
Thus, an accounting resume should clearly display your understanding of sound accounting fundamentals, relevant skills, and help you coordinate your profile details. It is a well integrated attempt to create a strong convincing accounting profile and thereby, manage various titles in presenting your suitability for the given position.
The following guidelines would help to effectively coordinate the required resume content and present your abilities for the given accounting offer.
  • Refer to on-line sample accounting resumes and decide about the relevant titles your resume should contain. Create a strong resume objective to highlight your strong accounting career aspirations and attempt to establish a close coordination between the offer and your profile.
  • Utilize the skills section in highlighting your critical thinking abilities, good analytical and mathematical aptitude. Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Create a synthesized view of your profile and present your sound understanding by highlighting your core accounting qualifications in the education section. Your IT or technical skills section should help you to put forth working efficiency.
  • Make the best utilization of your prior working experience in stressing your practical knowledge about accounting and management of records.
  • Display your excellence at handling Microsoft excel functions and thereby, improving accounting function efficiency and required documentation.
  • Stress on your qualifications, skills and sound understanding of accounting principles and practices with respect to the given offer.
  • Provide the best professional outlook by choosing the appropriate resume format and being specific in representing your profile summary. Avoid giving vague information or pointless details; it spoils the soul of the resume and diverts the recruiter's attention.
  • Highlight your familiarity with the latest software applications used for account management and providing efficient accounting functions.
Thus, your accounting resume must be a conscious effort to represent your accounting profile and create a customized resume consisting of the key accounting functions. Hence, drafting the most effective resume would help to convince the employer and will generate a positive favor.
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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Public Relations Professional Resume

As public relations (PR) professional you can conduct several exercises to improve your organization’s goodwill by creating a positive favor in its side.  This involves a number of activities right from creating products awareness with respect to environment to managing the rumors or improving the company image on account of some critical problems.  Public relations professional uses a variety of tools and manages marketing operations smoothly.

Creating a favorable image or organization goodwill helps to build long term sustainable relations between the key parties such as customers, employees, dealers, shareholders etc.  It is an art and you need to be an expert in utilizing different tools and techniques and work towards improving the organization’s face and development of a strong bond with stakeholders of the organization.  Thus, public relations professional is responsible for creating and maintaining organizational goodwill in the market and handles the responsibilities associated with it. 

Therefore, while writing public relations professional resume, you need to concentrate on your expertise in handling PR tools and your cover letter should aim at giving information about your experience at managing such functions.  The resume for the post should stress on your abilities to manage press (media) functions and building a favorable image of the organization you are working for.

You can use the following tips while writing public relations professional resume.
  • Focus your research aptitude and good interpersonal skills
  • Highlight your critical thinking abilities and professional expertise in dealing with press or public relations functions
  • Try to establish a link between your prior experience with the functions to be discharged
  • Stress your extrovert nature and public relations development attitude
  • Emphasize your artistic mind and story building skills with respect to create publicity of products and managing rumors or product failures

Thus, keeping in mind the main requisites and attributes of the position would assist to design and draft the most effective resume and cover letter.  In this manner, it would help to create an additional advantage in your favor and catch the employer’s attention.

Thus, by utilizing your prior experience in marketing and PR functions, you can strike the right note and send a well planned resume and cover letter with a clear objective to pursue it as a career. 
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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Resume Writing Guidelines for Small Business Owner

You own a small business, and feel that you should take up a job to add to the income, and then you can definitely apply for some jobs. Based on your qualification, you can get suitable job opportunities. To apply for these jobs, you would need a resume, and if you have not written any resume before this, refer to some resume examples. Here we would discuss about small business owner resume, and what difficulties or questions would a small entrepreneur face while applying for jobs.

Since you own a small business, you would be questioned as to why you are interested in taking up a job. Your resume reaches the employer before you. Thus, make sure you either draft your resume in a way that the employer’s question is answered, or write a cover letter answering this question. For example, you have a small grocery store which helps you earn a livelihood, and you have also pursued a diploma in fashion designing. When you write your resume, if you present your skills and interest for the field of fashion designing, the employer can understand that you would love to work with him/her, because this is your area of interest.

When you draft your resume, besides following the basic guidelines of resume writing, your resume should possess two important details. These are:

Your skills that make you eligible for the post you apply for
Time Management – the employer will definitely want to know how you would manage time for work and business, if you do not plan to shut down your business.

However, if you justify your reason of taking up a job clearly through the resume, you might be called for the interview.

To help you write better resumes, read the tips given below for resume writing:

The resume should be precise. It can be maximum of 2-3 pages and not more than that.
It should be divided into different sections with proper headings and sub-headings. These heading should be highlighted using bold or underline.
The skill-set and work responsibilities should be mentioned using bullets, to make it legible for the reader.
Do not include all the achievements, skills or responsibilities, but only the ones that make your resume stronger for the job you wish to apply for.
Proofreading your resume every time before you send it, is very essential. This will help you check spelling and grammatical errors.

Using these tips, and referring to example resumes, you can write effective resumes without any professional resume writer’s help.